What is Specialty Foods Ingredients?

For the purposes of this website, “ingredients” refers to all the products & services needed by a specialty foods producer, and not just the actual food ingredients.

This website has one primary goal, creating a new way for specialty foods producers lower their costs, thus increasing profitability, by identifying some of the best suppliers of all the products and services needed, creating an exclusive monthly “classified ads” or “sale flyer” of all these items. This will not only reduce producer’s costs, but will also increase the volume of business for the select group of participating specialty foods trade vendors, making volume pricing possible, with of access to the multimilliondollar buying power created by uniting over a thousand of the independant producers of New England.

Until now, specialty foods producers have all been on their own finding suppliers, when needing products and services to produce and market their products, not knowing who was a good choice and who wasn’t. Meanwhile, businesses which sell the products and services specialty foods producers need, have had to find new customers one at a time, rather than market to a sizeable group each month. This revolutionary new approach is a common sense way for everyone concerned to save time and increase their profits.

The concept, combined buying power is not a new one. Finding a way to apply the principal, so small and medium specialty food producers can benefit from it is. That goal is what this website is all about, and the word “FREE” at the top of this page is not a mistake. This new, unique system is 100% FREE for all of New England’s specialty foods producers. Operating costs are paid by the advertising fees from the vendors of the products and services needed to operate a specialty foods business.

In the past, as well as at present, purchasing the products and services needed for specialty food production in relatively SMALL quantities has resulted in HIGH unit costs. The combined volume of all these purchases by all the specialty food producers of New England is far from small however. The total amount spent by all of the more than a thousand small and medium artisan food producers listed in the New England Specialty Foods Directory is in the millions of dollars, a substantial amount for any supplier of the resources needed for the production of specialty foods.

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