Q & A


Question #1: How is ‘FREE’ possible?
Answer: The vendors of all the products and services listed in America’s Specialty Foods/Specialty Foods Best Resources Classified Ads pay a fee, for the opportunity to advertise their exclusive promotions each month. This Classified Ads fund the production costs each month.
Question #2: Why has ‘Specialty Food’s Best Resources’ been created?
Answer: The purpose of Specialty Food’s Best Resources is to give the small and medium specialty food producers of America a better opportunity to make a profit. What helps one producer benefits all producers. Identifying the best suppliers benefits them as well, with the increased business they deserve.
Question #4: When will first America’s Specialty Foods/Specialty Food’s Best Resources Classified Ads to be published?
Answer: The Classified Ads will begin production in spring 2012.
Question #5: Who can participate?
Answer: Anyone who has a small or medium specialty foods business in the USA can participate.
Question #6: What if my business is only in the planning stages?
Answer: You qualify too.
Question #7: When will America’s Specialty Foods/Specialty Food’s Best Resources Classified Ads be start activity beyond the six New England states?
Answer: As soon as the New England Region is in full operation, this service will expand to the rest of the United States, one region at a time, until ALL small and medium specialty food producers from coast to coast can take advantage of the group’s savings.
Question #8: Who is producing Specialty Food’s Best Resources?
Answer: SFBR is a production of Harvey Clark of Boylston, Massachusetts. He is the creator of Angus Sauces,www.angussauces.com and Mondi’s Vegan Cooking Sauceswww.vegancookingsauces.com, author of “How to Make a Profit Creating and Selling Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA”, available at Amazon.com: Books, Specialty Foods, and creator of the sister sites: www.americasspecialtyfoods.com and www.americasfarmersmarket.com. Harvey Clark has more than ten years as a buyer in the food industry, as well as nearly ten years as a small specialty food producer.
Question #9: What about co-packers, will they be included? They buy more products than most producers.
Answer: Co-packers are being included in this effort too. When they save money on products and services, the savings can be passed on to producers using their services.
Question #10: Is any information from your database shared or sold?
Answer: Absolutely not.
Question #11: What about suppliers in the Classified Ads who may turn out not be suitable?
Answer: Feedback and comments are encouraged. If any supplier gets three complaints, they will no longer be allowed to advertise in the Resources Directory or the Classified Ads.
Question #12: What about recommendations?
Answer: Sure! If you know of a supplier who you think would be a good fit for the Classified Ads, just let us know at[email protected].
Question #1: How do I know my ad will be seen by real potential customers?
Answer: The thousands of specialty foods producers located all over the USA will all be directed to Specialty Food’s Best Resources by Google searches due to the powerful network of links connecting all the sites in the Americas Specialty Foods website group.
Question #2: How will I know if new orders come as a result of my ad in your Specialty Foods Best Resources Classified Ads?
Answer: Each ad will have a Specialty Foods Best Resources Promotion Code that producers will use to identify themselves as being part of America’s Specialty Foods/Specialty Food’s Best Resources Buying Group.
Question #3: Why should I advertise here?
Answer: If you check the cost of advertising anywhere else, you will find that it can be quite expensive, with no guarantees. When you advertise your products or services to America’s specialty foods producers here, you submit a bid that fits your budget with the amount you’d like to pay, along with the number of months you’d like to advertise. If your bid is accepted, your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you will receive a full refund.
Question #4: Must an ad be for an entire company, or can an ad be for just an individual salesman for a company?
Answer: Your choice. If you’d like to advertise your company as a whole, or if you’d like to advertise as an individual sales rep, either is fine.
Question #5: How often can I change the content of my ad?
Answer: You can change the content of your ad as often as you want, or you can leave it the same, one month at a time. If you want to change your ad, all you need to do is email us a new one at [email protected].
Question #6: What is the cost to change the content of my ad?
Answer: There is no cost to change the content of your ad.

Question #7: Is there any guarantee?
Answer: Yes. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If, after the time period you’ve signed up for, you don’t feel you got your money’s worth, you can have a year’s Classified Ads at no charge or a full refund.
If you’d like to see another question and answer added to the list, just send it to us at [email protected].