The mission of Specialty Food’s Best Resources is to assemble a unique group of the very best suppliers of all the products and services needed by the thousands of American specialty foods producers, utilizing the combined multimillion-dollar buying power of these producers, to achieve the best possible values for all. This will reduce producer’s costs, while increasing the volume of business for the select group of participating specialty foods trade vendors, helping everyone involved to grow their businesses, creating more jobs in these difficult economic times.

Until now, specialty foods producers have all been on their own, searching for suppliers, one by one, when in need of products and services to produce and market their products, not knowing who was a good choice and who wasn’t. Meanwhile, businesses which sell the products and services specialty foods producers need, have had to find new customers one at a time, rather than market to a major national group. This revolutionary new approach is a common sense way for everyone concerned to save time and increase their profits.

In the past, purchasing the products and services needed for specialty food production in relatively SMALL quantities has resulted in HIGH unit costs, limiting potential profits. The combined volume of all the purchases made by America’s specialty food producers is far from small however. The total amount spent annually by the many thousands of small and medium artisan food producers, listed in the America’s Specialty Foods Directory, is in the many millions of dollars. This is a very substantial amount for any supplier of the resources needed for the production of specialty foods.

Everyone who creates and produces specialty food products has most likely found that it can take a considerable amount of time searching the internet and elsewhere, to find all the ingredients, products & services needed, in the quantity you need, when they are needed, and at affordable prices. When competing with large the companies that can buy these same items in much larger quantities and at considerably lower prices, the higher costs of buying the goods and services needed in smaller quantities makes it extremely difficult to make a profit.

On the other hand, if you have quality, reasonably priced, products and services available to the smaller specialty food producers who are looking for them, it’s not always easy or affordable to let the world know about it. The goal of Specialty Food’s Best Resources and America’s Specialty Foods is to create the very best one-stop shopping and information destination for specialty food producer’s, in the USA. Our goal is to bring together small and medium-sized specialty food producers who are looking for the best values for the products and services needed, and the suppliers of these products and services, at no cost to any producers, ever.